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Tracker last updated 16 October 09:38am GMT


  1. Add new Press Clippings and items to Press Box – AWAITING INFORMATION
  2. We will also need to adjust the PDF version of Tech Ryder to reflect this Wedge number change AND I would like to add the stage plot to the PDF version. I can do this if you want, just let me know.
  3. I noticed we have the same crowd pic in 2 places on the homepage of the EPK, could we please change one of them out? I have some other crowd shots in my Drive in Crowd and Marquees. Hopefully there is at least one with the right resolution.

Optional Updates
These are items which can improve a site’s online search engine optimisation, however the amount of impact they will have is minimal. Perhaps at some stage these will get done

  1. Add MetaSearch data for social networks, e.g Facebook / Twitter cards for sharing

 Updates DONE

  • FIXED Oct 22 – Added Freddie EPK to the Dropdown menu so it is more accessible
  • FIXED Oct 16 – On the Tech Spec page: Please change the number of Wedges from “a minimum of 6” to “a minimum of 8” to reflect the number we have on the stage plot.
  • FIXED Oct 16 – On the Freddie EPK: the EU flag under Joe’s bio appears huge … there was an extra double quote around the variable which controlled the size of the image, this was fixed and should be ok now
  • FIXED Oct 16 – On the Band Members EPK link: Under Zoltan’s bio a typo SMS should be SBS
  • Added a back button on all band member profiles : I used a piece of code which detects which of the bands you came from, so if you came form the US band, it beings you back to that page : Sep 10
  • Extended the Band area so that all the information is easier to get to – Version 1 now available to all : Sep 9
  • Sponsors added after Testimonials on EPK as discussed
  • Freddie EPK updated with updates from Lori – 8th Sep
  • Publicly Viewable section for Band members  has been uploaded – Sep 1
  • Freddie EPK Uploaded (just needs a stage plot) – Sep 1
  • All Songs performed are now listed on the site – Song List Updated and Alphabetised – 31 Aug
  • Previous Concerts list has been updated – 31 Aug
  • Press Area / Press Box updated with new tweaks as per Lori – 24 Aug
  • Press Area / Press Box Added to Digital EPK — 31 August
  • Freddie Logo added to Booking Page — 31 August
  • Biog for Bassist, Greg Benton has been uploaded – 29 August
  • Previous Concerts Map is designed with all locations and some imagery around it – 23 August
  • EPK Home link updated on the Tech Specs section – 27 August
  • Updated the Tech rider with the PDF Lori created – 22 August
  • New Audio Player Added to Band Section on EPK – 23 August
  • Stage Plot removed for now as per email – 23 August
  • Added EU flag by Chris’s profile  – 31 August
  • Added 12 instead of 14 risers on Digital EPK – 31 August
  • Added Stag plot to Digital EPK as per new version from 26th August
  • Added Poster to main EPK Page with date Changed – as discussed ; 22 Aug 2021
  • Previous Concerts is corrected on EPK – public was added to but EPK was not – this is fixed
  • Download Tech River as PDF added to Tech Section  – fixed the button 
  • Back to Top link available to being web visitor to top again
  • Nav banner is not on the EPK  – Large cebtral top logo brings the booker back to the public homepage
  • Ensure Band is always referenced in singular across the site –I’m sure I have captured all of these, however there is no way to avoid saying “We .. or .. our” … a site check (spelling / grammar) and tidy up won’t take long once these updates are done , normally you do that after all the updates have been completed, basically a last step before doing a big public relations blast. The theory is that as you do an extra update you can introduce more errors like spelling, so doing it at the end is easiest and best.
  • ADD TO PRESS AREA (NEW PAGE) – He wants to add a quote (review) from an article he sent me.  He defers to our wisdom as to taking out another quote or just adding more. The article link:    https://ctentertainmentconnect.wordpress.com/category/uncategorized/page/8/?fbclid=IwAR04m5OltIwW20CytxqCd1v_uw4AscorUABV5x3D-L2M4KkhX-6VBrbGi-Q
  • World Tour / US Tour for Band Members Added to the EPK Section  – Awaiting Text and Photos of Denes and Zoltan and any other european band members. Joe is looking for Denes and Zoltan’s bio write ups that he used before.  I also asked if he has more stage shots of them. I could only find one or two pics that were just so-so.


Updates Not Possible

  • Track to play automatically when someone lands on the website or EPK. 
    Browsers are not allowing this more and more and it can hurt your site to implement this (plus, if you do implement it, the browsers may in time just turn it off) – not recommended to force this into the site.

Updates awaiting Information

  • Joe said it would be great if you will change the info in the Youtube videos to 1) my writeup on the newest booker video correcting any other booker video and anywhere else you think would be appropriate. ( It would be ok to use this on all of the videos If you like it)  2 ) And/or leave the write ups that are already there on music videos and update them with my contact info and the year 2022. WILL HOLD OFF AS PER MESSAGE (SAT 10:44 GMT)

Updates for later

  1. Add Our Videos to the EPK Section. – will implement when we have fresh , up to date content

Celebrating Queen

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Our Queen set list is varied with many deep cuts into the bands vast music back catalogue, the show is powerful, the music is phenomenal and you will experience a Celebrating Queen show that is Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind!

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