Celebrating Queen prepares to Rock Liberty Missouri

Celebrating Queen prepares to Rock Liberty Missouri

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Celebrating Queen prepares to Rock Liberty Missouri with an exciting live concert experience

Queen Night Fundraiser at the Liberty Performing Arts Theatre

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A must-see event for fans of the Queen and anyone who loves quality live music, the Celebrating Queen will be visiting the Kansas area and will Rock Liberty Missouri on June 10th. The electrifying show is powerful, the music is phenomenal and the concert experience is “guaranteed to blow your mind!”

Celebrating Queen will Rock Liberty Missouri June 10th

The music of Queen continues to entertain a new generation of fans, and Celebrating Queen will Rock the Liberty Performing Arts Theatre as a fundraiser for the Everybody Sings Project charity on June 10th. Tickets start at $27.50 and are available for purchase online at https://celebratingqueen.com/mo or by calling the ticket hotline at 816-429-2677.

The Celebrating Queen band has performed across the United States and has also toured extensively in Europe, playing several high-profile festivals and concerts. Their set list includes all the hits, including “Don’t Stop Me Now,” “Somebody to Love,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions,” but it also features deeper cuts such as “Save Me” and “Stone Called Crazy”.

The band’s secret weapon is lead singer JJ Midnight. At 6 feet, 2 inches, and 215 pounds, he’s not a shoo-in lookalike for Freddie. He is often compared to other contemporaries such as Mark Martel and Adam Lambert, Midnight has studied Mercury’s vocal technique since grade school and possesses a powerful, dynamic voice spanning about five octaves.

Queen’s trademark guitar sound is reproduced by Chris “Flash” Gordon of Philadelphia. More than just a tribute player, Gordon has led a career as a successful musician in his own right. “Chris is the best guitar player I’ve had the opportunity to work with,” Midnight said. “He plays all the different styles and conquers all the different instruments. I’m proud to play with him.”

Celebrating Queen also features Santiago Luna on percussion and Greg Benton on bass plus backing vocals. They’ve played together over the years in a Las Vegas-based band, and Midnight said they know each other’s every move, which is key to keeping the rhythm section tight.

Ireland native Shane McDonald serves as keyboardist and music director. Known as one of the world’s leading experts on Queen’s music, McDonald’s has deconstructed and transcribed her songs over the past 20 years.

Another highlight that sets the band apart is “Voicestravarius.” Created by Midnight’s brother and long-time bandmate, CJ Midnight, it’s a wall of awe-inspiring vocals that mimic Queen’s iconic studio sound.

Midnight said, “We deliver an experience as close as possible to studio recording of the Queen song as possible, and that is what makes our show so special and unique.”

The concert on June 10th is only the second this year for Midnight’s as he returns to the stage after a near-fatal traffic accident nearly three years ago. While riding his bicycle through an intersection he was hit by an SUV and suffered traumatic brain injuries that left many plans for the future uncertain. Although he lives with the consequences of those injuries on a daily basis, music helps ease the symptoms. “It’s because of the music that I pieced it together,” he said. “I’m so blessed and grateful that we have a great band.”

This is also a welcome return to live music for both bands and local music lovers. Covid meant that live events stopped for quite some time, so this concert marks a joyous turning point in this post-covid era and a time to celebrate great music with friends and family while supporting a good cause.

Before the pandemic, and through the work of his 501c3 charity The Everybody Sings Project, Midnight visited schools to teach children about the health benefits of singing and music, which proved to be quite therapeutic during their recovery. Inspired by Mercury’s famous vocal warmup with audience participation, which Midnight has used to improve his singing technique over the years, he created a vocal exercise regimen to strengthen his lungs.

The goal of the Everybody Sings Project charity is to expand the program globally to promote better breathing and a stronger defense against disease that attacks the lungs. He hopes this will be his legacy long after he leaves the stage.

Book your tickets and see us Rock Liberty Missouri : Book online at https://celebratingqueen.com/mo 


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Celebrating Queen Live in Kansas, Liberty Missouri June 10th 2022