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The music of Queen continues to entertain a new generation of fans and there has never been more demand from venues for Queen Cover Bands … and Celebrating Queen certainly are one of the best Queen Cover Bands out there.

Celebrating Queen Cover Band USA

Queen remains one of the most amazing and iconic groups in rock history.  Celebrating Queen are the foremost Queen Cover Band and has been performing for almost 15 years to audiences all around the world . The Celebrating Queen show consists of professional musicians at the top of their game playing Classic Queen songs all performed live. ​

Celebrating Queen’s musicians consist of JJ Midnight on vocals, Chris Gordon on Guitar, Shane McDonald is the Celebrating Queen keyboard player and is also our musical director, Eric Moody is on drums, Darrell Craig Harris is on Bass and CJ Midnight is on the Voicetravarius. Our European Band also features Denes and Zoltan Luko on bass and drums respectively.

Celebrating Queen perform all the hits in a show which sometimes includes the Live Aid set, which is 22 minutes of magic. Celebrating Queen bring you on a musical journey through the Queen hits such as, Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, Now I’m Here, Don’t Stop me Now, Under Pressure, I Want it All, The Show must Go on and much more.

Celebrating Queen are one of the foremost Queen Tribute Bands and we are dedicated to playing the music of Queen as authentically as possible.

Bookers / Venues – Are you Looking for a Queen Cover Band?

The Celebrating Queen cover band are currently booking dates and venues in 2023/24. If you are a venue of event booker and you are looking to book the Foremost Queen Cover Act, then please Contact Celebrating Queen for details.

Please check out our Digital EPK for details of the technical requirements, band members and the other information which may be of use to you when booking our Queen Tribute Band.

Celebrating Queen have entertained Queen fans around the globe for many years and now we are booking the foremost tribute to the music of Queen for 2023 and beyond. Please take some time to look at the previous concerts which we have played and also our video setion via the links above.

Our performance is a Multimedia Theatrical Presentation that compliments the music of the worlds most popular rock band – Queen.

The Celebrating Queen performance features the incredible lead vocals of one JJ Midnight and full backing vocals that authenticate the true Queen sound and a rock band which delivers a wall of sound.

If you are looking for a Queen Tribute Band then go ahead and Book Celebrating Queen in 2022, 2023 for your Fair, Festival, Casino or Theater.

We also have a two-man Freddie Mercury show designed for smaller more intimate venues.

Celebrating Queen is professionally managed by The Everybody Sings Project, a 501c3 Public Charity promoting education, the arts and better health through singing.

We look forward to seeing you very soon – don’t forget to bookmark the Celebrating Queen Website and come back and visit the site very soon.

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Celebrating Queen live at the Cox, St. George Utah - March 17th 2022