Stone Cold Crazy Lyrics

Sleeping very soundly
On a Saturday morning
I was dreaming I was Al Capone
There’s a rumor going round
Gotta clear outta town
I’m smelling like a dry-fish bone
Here come the Law
Gonna break down the door
Gonna carry me away once more
Never, I never
I never want it any more
Gotta get away from this stone-cold floor

Stone-cold crazy, you know

Rainy afternoon
I gotta blow a typhoon
And I’m playing on my slide trombone
Anymore, anymore
Cannot take it anymore
Gotta get away from this stone-cold floor

Stone-cold crazy, you know

Hit ’em up
Walking down the street
Shooting people that I meet
With my rubber Tommy water gun
Here come the deputy
He’s gonna come and get a me
I gotta get me get up and run
They got the sirens loose
I ran right out of juice
They’re gonna put me in a cell
If I can’t go to heaven
Will they let me go to hell?

Stone-cold crazy, you know

The Stone Cold Crazy lyrics are provided here so that you can enjoy the tribute concert and sing along with Celebrating Queen

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