Killer Queen Tribute visits Warner Theatre

Article from 2010

This article from 2010 was written about our visit to the Warner Theatre in Connecticut.

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Killer Queen Tribute show comes to Warner Theatre – Article

In March 2010 Celebrating Queen performed at the Warner Theatre at 68 Main St., Torrington, Connecticut. The Warner Theatre is a beautiful Art-Deco styled theatre on Main Street in Torrington, Connecticut. The theatre opened in August, 1931 and was originally opened under the Warner Bros chain of movie theaters. These days the Warner Theatre is used as a mixed-use performing-arts venue. The Warner Theater has been said to be the finest surviving Modernistic theatre in Connecticut.

In March 2010 Jon Chattman wrote about our upcoming visit to the Connecticut theatre with a wonderful article titled ‘Killer Queen tribute show comes to Warner Theatre’. It really describes what Celebrating Queen are all about. Jon explains that Celebrating Queen are not “trying to mimic the look and feel of Queen” instead we are trying to “recreate the iconic band’s sound“. This is indeed what we are all about!

Jon has a great quote from the Celebrating Queen frontman, JJ Midnight , “We celebrate the music of Queen. We’re not a Freddie Mercury tribute show. I mean I’m 6-foot-2 and 225 pounds. Freddie was 5-foot-8 and 150 pounds soaking wet,” Midnight explained in a March 1 interview. “I love Freddie, but we look different.”

In the article you can find out all about how and why the Celebrating Queen Tribute do what we do. Plus, you can find out what JJ Midnight’s favourite Queen track is.

If you want to read the full article about our visit to the Warner Theatre, please click here.


Opposite , you can see a photo from our concert at the Warner Theatre, CT in March 2010.

Celebrating Queen - Warner Theatre

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