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Now booking extensively in the USA in 2022.

Celebrating Queen also has a more intimate show called Freddie “Songs of a Legend”. This show highlights the story of the Lover of Life, Singer of Songs, one Freddie Mercury.

If you are interested in Booking Freddie “Songs of a Legend” please contact us.

Celebrating Queen

Amazing Sound

The musicians are at the top of their game and are experts in playing the music of Freddie Mercury.

Booking Cost

The two-man intimate Freddie Show is priced for booking. No nonsense, easy terms and cost.

The Best Set List

The Freddie Set List will Take Your Breath Away, with all of Freddies Greatest Hits.

Book the Best

This intimate two-man Freddie show highlights the best hits written by Freddie.

Band Members for Freddie “Songs of a Legend”

Celebrating Queen's JJ Midnight on Vocals
JJ Midnight - Lead Singer - Celebrating Queen
JJ Midnight Headshot - Lead Singer of Celebrating Queen

JJ Midnight - Lead Singer

Every Queen Tribute hinges on the lead vocalist. JJ Midnight is the best.

JJ Midnight is every bit the full-throated, yet dynamic vocalist Freddie Mercury was...listen for yourself. (See audio samples below)

As singers, the similarities cannot be ignored. They are startling.
JJ Midnight is not an impersonator. He is a strong vocalist and showman with a warm personality. He has an amazing nearly 5-octave vocal range that will captivate any audience. He has studied the voice of Freddie Mercury since 1975, and has mastered it!

JJ Midnight "Tributes" the songs of Freddie Mercury and the music of Queen on the big rock show Celebrating Queen, with not only the finest live vocals available, but also backed by a stellar full rock band, and an audio/video multimedia package that will thrill your audience.

He also performs an intimate show Freddie: A Tribute to the Songs of Freddie Mercury with the Queen hits as well as delving into definite deep cuts in the catalog as an homage to Freddie’s singing and songwriting genius.

These tribute shows are fastidious and precise. JJ Midnight leads the way. Let Them Entertain You!

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Audio Samples


Media Player
Shane McDonald - Keyboardist / Pianist / Musical Director with Celebrating Queen USA
Shane McDonald, Celebrating Queen Keyboardist from Waterford Ireland

Follow Shane on Social Media

Shane McDonald - Keyboards / MD

One of the features of a great Queen song is the majestic keyboard parts which feature heavily in their hit songs. Shane McDonald has spent the last 25 years reviewing the works of Queen, specifically interested in learning every piano track from the back catalog.

“I had heard songs like Bohemian Rhapsody, Don’t Stop me Now, Radio Ga Ga, and I want to Break Free when I was younger but I didn’t really know much about Queen. But in 1993 when I heard a track called Procession from the Queen II album, I was hooked. From that point, I knew that the music of Queen resonated with me and that it would be with me forever.” Although Shane had interests in other bands like Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, and Metallica, Queen provided Shane with the outlet to play wonderful piano arrangements. Over many years, Shane took these songs apart and transcribed them. These transcribed songs later appeared on his Queen Website “Shane’s Queen Site” which at this point has been running for over 18 years.

Shane, from Waterford, Ireland, had played piano from a young age & was involved in the music scene locally from the age of 15. In recent years was involved in local bands & theatre, including performances of the Chris D'Arienzo stage show ‘Rock of Ages’ at the local Garter Lane theatre. In 2015, Shane also had the amazing opportunity to perform at the Glastonbury Festival. In 2019 Shane joined a local classic rock band called ‘Custom160’ performing hits from AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Van Halen, and of course QUEEN. Shane is our Spike Edney!

Shane's favorite Queen songs to play include Don't Stop Me Now, Somebody to Love, Save Me, Play the Game, Seven Seas of Rhye, Bohemian Rhapsody and We are the Champions - obviously, all have huge piano parts which is why these are his piano playing highlights.

Shane is delighted to be taking to the stage as Celebrating Queen keyboardist and Musical Director with Celebrating Queen and the Freddie show in 2022 and beyond.

Shane McDonald Queen Keyboardist is Member of the Celebrating Queen US Tour Band Queen Keyboardist Shane McDonald is Member of the Celebrating Queen World Tour Band

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Some Songs performed during the
Freddie “Songs of a Legend” Show

Bohemian Rhapsody

Killer Queen

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

It’s a Hard Life

Love of My life.

In the lap of the gods. … revisited

Seven Seas of Rhye.


Millionaires Waltz

Don’t Stop Me Now

Play the Game

You Take my Breath Away

Is This the World We Created…?

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Love me like there’s no tomorrow

Somebody to Love

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

We Will Rock You.

We are the Champions

Too Much Love Will Kill You

Who Wants to Live Forever

The Show Must Go On

Freddie “Songs of a Legend” Tech Rider


Call with questions 860.374.8542
Total Running Time- Full Show 1:45 Mins
(Support Act 45 Mins)

Strike Stage 1:00 pm Day Of Show
Sound Check 3:00 pm
Dark Stage 4:00 pm
Doors Open-Lights Up-House Music On 6:30 pm
Box Office Will Call 7:00 pm
Take Seats 7:50 pm
Curtains 8:00 pm
Performance ends 9:45
Load Out <12 midnight


PA, CALL (Full with wireless monitors, a teleprompter and microphones)

1 88 key digital piano, weighted, preferably Korg Kronos or similar with sustain pedal.
1 Grand Piano or Baby Grand Piano this should be tuned and made available for the show with appropriate mics, in addition to Kronos Keyboard setup
1 Keyboard Stand.
1 Adjustable stool and 1 piano seat.
1 boom microphone stand
1 Keyboard Monitor
1 wedge monitor with band mix

Lighting arrangements

Note: Though we are in possession of our past designs, our new lighting designs for the 2022 tour are being finalized. We will have them available a minimum of two weeks prior to the contracted event.

Freddie will rearrange existing house, front and rear lighting and front stage lighting.

We will compliment existing lighting with special lightings that are specific to use in the Freddie live production.

We will require:

1 hazer with consumables

2 follow spots

1 fogger 


Stage Risers

We will require:

2 stage riser units- 12 inches high, 8 feet long, 4 feet wide with lockable attachments.

Video production equipment

1 rear projector with a high lumen delivery system

1 Video screen- 8ft by 12ft

1 Teleprompter Suite with all necessary functionality


Promoter will have 2 stage crew (strong, able-bodied), to assist Freddie in setting up and preparing for the evening’s production.

1 show runner

1 stage assistant

Promoter will have 2 Follow Spot Operators and 1 Sound Engineer for evening’s production.


Clean dressing room area with Full Length Mirror

Throat Coat Tea I box with water and tea cups

Towels: 4 Large for backstage, 6 Hand Size Towels for Stage

Water Bottles: Voss Preferred-Aqua Panna Acceptable

Access to Steam Room and or Hot Tub for pre and post use.

Flowers for dressing room.

Full Queen Show

If you are looking for the full Celebrating Queen Show please check out the main Celebrating Queen Digital EPK.

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Our Queen set list is varied with many deep cuts into the bands vast music back catalogue, the show is powerful, the music is phenomenal and you will experience a Celebrating Queen show that is Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind!

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