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Tech Specs for Celebrating Queen

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Technical Rider / Hospitality Rider

This is the Technical Rider / Hospitality Rider for Celebrating Queen.
Our Technical Rider is part of our performance contract & we rely on the agreements it contains to ensure that our sound and our performance is as true to our artistic values as possible. We rely on the venue to inform us as soon as possible where any issues are raised or observed, e.g. where a rider requirement cannot be fulfilled or where a replacement needs to be sourced. Contact Details are at the back of this document. We look forward to performing at your venue & we appreciate your attention to detail when it comes to our requirements.



The mixing console should be at least a 36 Channel Mackie or better Console. A minimum of six separate monitor mixes are needed.

NOTE: For Front of House Sound, the number and size of the speaker cabinets and amps may vary depending on the size of the event and certain conditions such as Indoors or Outdoors, large or small rooms ETC. Guaranteed reliable clear and clean operation of the PA system to the crowd and monitor mixes must be available to perform.


4 vocal mics Shure 58 or better (1 wired used as a backup for lead vocals)

1 wireless mic for lead vocal (58 or better) + spare lead mic

5-6 active direct boxes

Six Mics for drum kit and two overhead Mics for cymbals  Mic/Kick Snare- Tom -HH- OH

4-6 overhead condenser Mics for choir (or floor stands if overhead Mics are not available)

The following is a suggested layout for all the inputs which are required;

  1. Kick
  2. Snare
  3. High Hat
  4. Rack tom
  5. Floor tom
  6. Floor tom 2
  7. Overhead
  8. Overhead
  9. Bass DI
  10. Guitar Right
  11. Guitar Left
  12. Piano Right (if venue piano is available)
  13. Piano Left (if venue piano is available)
  14. Kronos Left
  15. Kronos Right
  16. Keys vocal
  17. Bass vocal
  18. Guitar vocal
  19. Lead vocal
  20. Laptop voiceover/samples
  21. Lead vocal (spare mic)


8 floor wedges minimum

All necessary cables, extension cords, bus boxes, etc

6 separate mixes to stage

NOTE: Drum wedge and IEM headphone drop with same band mix

NOTE: Stage Plot is available below or you can download this information as a PDF above.



1 Wireless high-quality microphone SM58 Beta or equivalent  (VITAL)

1 Wired high-quality microphone SM58 Beta or equivalent ONLY used as backup (Venue is expected to provide this)

1 microphone stand which could be separated to use the top half only as desired (VITAL)

1 wired backup microphone and stand

Multiple wedge monitors across the stage with band mix


1 88-key digital piano, weighted, preferably Korg Kronos with a sustain pedal.
If the Korg Kronos is not available a similar standard keyboard which has piano, string & organ patches is required.
(No Nord Stage pianos)


1 Keyboard Stand

1 Adjustable stool and/or piano seat PLUS Laptop Table with adjustable height

1 Direct Input (Stereo L/R) for Keyboard

1 Direct Input (Mono) for Sampler / Laptop

1 boom microphone stand

1 Wedge Monitor each for piano and keys + IEM headphone drop – both with band mix

If the house has a Grand Piano or Baby Grand Piano this should be tuned and made available for the show with appropriate mics, in addition to Synth/Keyboard setup


Preferred amp, Ampeg SVT head with SVT 8×10 Cab
Or 4×10 cab as the second option

One guitar stand

12-inch black fan



Yamaha Stage Custom preferred or similar pro kit

Evans EC2 Heads preferred or pro equivalent

22-inch bass drum

10-inch rack tom

12-inch rack tom

14-inch rack tom

16-inch floor tom

14-inch snare

17-inch and 19-inch Zildjian Z Custom crash cymbals with boom stands or pro equivalent

14-inch Zildjian Z Custom HiHats or pro equivalent

17-inch Zildjian Z Custom Hi China or pro equivalent

1 Zildjian Z Custom Ride cymbal with large boom stand or pro equivalent

1 wedge monitor with band mix

1 headphone connector drop for IEM plug-in with band mix – same mix for wedge

1 Roc-n-Soc drum throne with backrest, or pro equivalent

1 large fan

Please ensure that the drum seat is sturdy so as not to bounce while drumming.



Stereo XLR out

1 x Sennheiser G3 or G4 IEM System, running in Stereo

1 x Guitar Stand

Backline amp

1 x Sennheiser e935 mic (e835 as 2nd choice)

1 x Boom arm mic stand

1 x Lasko blower fan or equivalent (especially for hot outdoor gigs)

Standby Guitar: OPTION 1: Gibson Les Paul; OPTION 2: Fender Stratocaster

2 Guitar Stands



Guitar XLR (L) 80% pan left FOH

Guitar XLR (R) 80% pan right FOH

For guitarist monitor

Guitar (L) pan 100% left

Guitar (R) pan 100% right

That way the stereo effect in FOH should work even for people not seated in the middle of the room if panned at ~80% on each side


Note:   The Celebrating Queen tribute lighting designs for our tour dates are available a minimum of two weeks prior to the contracted event. Please contact us for details if these have not been provided.

Celebrating Queen will rearrange the existing house, front and rear lighting, and front stage lighting. We will complement existing lighting with special lighting that is specific to use in the Celebrating Queen live production.

We will require:

2 “strong” or Super Trouper follow spotlights (VITAL)

2 super hazers with consumable liquids.

2 super fog machines with consumables – The fog machine must be on FULL as we enter the stage to ensure the best opening lighting.

Strong Stage Fans, Stage left and right


We will require:

12 stage riser units- 12 inches high, 8 feet long, 4 feet wide with lockable attachments.


We will require:

1 rear projector with a high-lumen delivery system.

1 Video screen: 10ft  by 15 ft

1 Teleprompter Suite with all necessary functionality


Promoter will have 4 stage crew (strong, able-bodied), to assist Celebrating Queen in preparing for the evening’s production.

4 stage crew to arrive no later than 12:30 PM to assist Celebrating Queen with load in.

These stagehands will also act as production assistants and will tear down after the production has concluded.

The promoter will have 2 Follow Spot Operators and 1 Sound Engineer for the evening’s production.

Celebrating Queen will require house access no later than 12 noon the day of the show for load-in.

At that time, a promoter representative will be on-site to accommodate the striking of the stage production, etc. Upon arrival at 12 PM, it is important that all production hanging apparatus on the stage is in the lowered position so that stage production materials can be set up rapidly.

Celebrating Queen will clear the building before 12 midnight.


Clean dressing room area with Full Length Mirror & Clean Bathroom

Throat Coat Tea 1 box with hot water and tea cups.

Towels: 8 Large Towel size for backstage and 8 Hand Towel Size for Stage.

Water: Voss Preferred – Acqua Panna Acceptable in the dressing room and on stage. Drinking cups, Ice provided backstage.

Soda: Two x 2 liter bottles of Coke and Diet Coke or similar soda/diet soda.

Snacks: Deli tray for 7 people with vegetarian options, including bread for sandwiches and condiments.

Meal: Post soundcheck meal to be provided by venue for a total of 7 either on-site or a meal buyout to the value of $140.


Any changes to this rider or issues regarding the availability of items listed MUST BE DISCUSSED with the band as soon as they are observed and at least 1 week prior to the performance.

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