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These are the band members in Celebrating Queen – a group of highly talented musicians. We have the US Band and also our European Band as indicated by the flags on each musician’s biog. Check out the Celebrating Queen Band members below.

Celebrating Queen's JJ Midnight on Vocals
JJ Midnight - Lead Singer - Celebrating Queen
JJ Midnight Headshot - Lead Singer of Celebrating Queen

JJ Midnight – Lead Singer

Every Queen Tribute hinges on the lead vocalist. JJ Midnight is the best.

JJ Midnight is every bit the full-throated, yet dynamic vocalist Freddie Mercury was…listen for yourself. (See audio samples below)

As singers, the similarities cannot be ignored. They are startling.
JJ Midnight is not an impersonator. He is a strong vocalist and showman with a warm personality. He has an amazing nearly 4-octave vocal range that will captivate any audience. He has studied the voice of Freddie Mercury since 1975, and has mastered it!

JJ Midnight “Tributes” the songs of Freddie Mercury and the music of Queen on the big rock show Celebrating Queen, with not only the finest live vocals available, but also backed by a stellar full rock band, and an audio/video multimedia package that will thrill your audience.

He also performs an intimate show Freddie: A Tribute to the Songs of Freddie Mercury with the Queen hits as well as delving into definite deep cuts in the catalog as an homage to Freddie’s singing and songwriting genius.

These tribute shows are fastidious and precise. JJ Midnight leads the way. Let Them Entertain You!

Audio Samples


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Shane McDonald, Celebrating Queen Keyboardist from Waterford Ireland
Shane McDonald - Keyboardist / Pianist / Musical Director with Celebrating Queen USA

Shane McDonald – Keyboards / MD

One of the features of a great Queen song is the majestic keyboard parts which feature heavily in their hit songs. Shane McDonald has spent the last 25 years reviewing the works of Queen, specifically interested in learning every piano track from the back catalog. We are delighted to have Shane as the Celebrating Queen Keyboardist. “I had heard songs like Bohemian Rhapsody, Don’t Stop me Now, Radio Ga Ga, and I want to Break Free when I was younger but I didn’t really know much about Queen. But in 1993 when I heard a track called Procession, I was hooked. From that point, I knew that the music of Queen resonated with me and that it would be with me forever.” Although Shane had interests in other bands like Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, and Metallica, Queen provided Shane with the outlet to play wonderful piano arrangements. Over many years, Shane took these songs apart and transcribed them. These transcribed songs later appeared on his Queen Website “Shane’s Queen Site” which at this point has been running for over 18 years. Shane, from Waterford, Ireland, had played piano from a young age & was involved in the music scene locally from the age of 15. In recent years was involved in local bands & theatre, including performances of the Chris D’Arienzo stage show ‘Rock of Ages’ at the local Garter Lane theatre. In 2015, Shane also had the amazing opportunity to perform at the Glastonbury Festival and has also subbed for some Irish Queen Tribute Bands. In 2019 Shane joined a local classic rock band called ‘Custom160’ performing hits from AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Van Halen, and of course QUEEN. Shane is delighted to be taking to the stage as keyboardist and Musical Director with Celebrating Queen and the Freddie show in 2022 and beyond.
CJ Midnight on the Voicestravarius live at the Cox, St. George Utah - March 17th 2022
CJ Midnight at the Cox, St. George Utah - March 17th 2022

CJ Midnight

CJ Midnight, better known as Carl, is regarded as a secret weapon within Celebrating Queen. He has been an integral part of Celebrating Queen from the beginning and loves to perform.

With his Voicestravarius, he sings and replicates Queen’s fastidious and precise Queen vocal arrangements.

As a lead vocalist himself and brother of JJ Midnight, Carl adds exacting layers and astounding depth to the replication of some of the world’s finest music with his vocal configurations.

His tremendous talent is the key that unleashes the awe-inspiring wall of vocals behind JJ Midnight.

CJ on Voicestravarius provides Celebrating Queen the nearly perfect match for recreating the iconic Queen vocal sound.

This extra layers of vocals has to be heard – CJ is the secret weapon within the Celebrating Queen Tribute.

Steve Burchell Guitar





Steve Burchell, hails from England, and cut his teeth touring up and down the U.K. as a guitarist with multiple acts. Since relocating to the U.S.A. he's performed with Bobby Kimball of Toto, recorded with Grammy award-winning producer, Steve Thompson, and has toured all over the world with the premier Michael Jackson tribute production show, The Legacy Tour.

Steve continues to make appearances on many stages and shows down the Las Vegas strip, along with the Icons of Classic Rock World Tour, where he performs alongside Alex Ligertwood (Santana), Wally Palmar (Romantics), Johnny Edwards (Foreigner), Dave Bickler (Survivor), Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot), Robin McAuley (McAuley Schenker Group), Fran Cosmo (Boston) and Dave Evans (AC/DC).

Steve, having been fed a steady diet of 70's Rock at an early age, and being earmarked as sounding like and resembling a "young Brian May" with his melodic playing style, you could say CELEBRATING QUEEN is a match "Made in Heaven".


Steve Burchell Guitar with Celebrating Queen
Darrell Craig Harris Celebrating Queen Bassist
Darrell Craig Harris Celebrating Queen Bassist Professional Profile

Darrell Craig Harris – Bass

Darrell Craig Harris is a globally known pro bassist, composer, Sports Illustrated photographer, and producer! Darrell who’s based in Las Vegas spent several years with the well-known company Cirque Du Soleil as the bassist for their popular “Mystere” show in Las Vegas, and as the bassist and percussionist for Cirque’s Tokyo Disneyland show “ZED! Darrell has also toured and recorded with Billy Preston, Gary Puckett, Frankie Avalon, Phyllis Hyman, and Albert Lee, also performing with Queen’s Symphonic Rock Spectacular from London, Bruce In The USA, Legends In Concert, and several other well-known artists and shows!

Darrell Craig Harris is Member of the Celebrating Queen USA Band

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James SIoan is the Drummer/percussionist with Celebrating Queen - Profile Photo

James Sloan– Percussion

James Sloan is a Las Vegas-based drummer and Celebrating Queen is delighted to have him performing with us. James has worked with many big names and Celebrating Queen is now added to this list.

James learned how to play drums while touring in club circuits around the USA. His formal training was at Montana State University-Billings and Los Angeles Music Academy. He has been a constant presence in the Las Vegas music scene since relocating to Sin City at the end of the millennium.


Eric Moody - Audio Visual Manager / Stage Manager at work

Eric P. Moody

Eric P Moody is the off-stage epicenter of the Celebrating Queen and "Freddie" show. He is responsible for what all the eyeballs see and all the ears hear. He is responsible for musical, technical, and for implementation of the many facets of Celebrating Queen.

Eric has many years of experience in the broadcasting arena including a long stint working on SportsCentre on ESPN as an audio engineer. Eric brings his many years of expertise in these areas to Celebrating Queen and holds one of the most important positions in the overall production.

If you have a question on stage planning or audio/visual setups, then Eric P Moody has the Answer.

Eric Moody is Member of the Celebrating Queen USA Tour Band

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Denes Luko – Bass Guitar, Vocals

Denes Luko became part of the Sbs (Sonic Boom Siblings) at a very young age. American JJ Midnight has been searching for this rhythm combo for years.

Denes has performed for tens of thousands of Hungarian, Russian, and music fans from Central Europe and was part of Celebrating Queen USA with a special guest, from Queen, Jamie Moses.

Denes is not your average musician, he flies fast airplanes and lives the fast European metro life. He has been playing bass since he was 7 years old and it is rumored that he literally placed drumsticks in his little brother’s (Zoltan) hands when he was 4,

Of course, after using his head as a drum. Zoltan quickly learned he liked playing the drums, not being the drums.
The Sonic Boom Siblings were born. 


Zoltan Luko – All Percussion

Zoltan Luko became part of the SMS (Sonic Boom Siblings) also at a very young age.
Zoltan has also performed for tens of thousands of Hungarian, Russian, and other music fans from Central Europe and was part of Celebrating Queen USA  with Special Guest from Queen, Jamie Moses.

Zoltan is studying to become a dentist and asks you to brush at least 3 times a day … Seriously

Celebrating Queen is proud to have Zoltan and his brother Denes performing with us.

This is a special combo. Great Guys, Great Talent !

We update the information on the Queen Tribute Band Members in Celebrating Queen periodically so please bookmark this page and return soon.

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