Two new dates for April in Florida and Nevada

Two new dates have been announced for Freddie: Songs of a Legend in April. These dates are for Henderson, Nevada and Key West, Florida.

On April 6th we perform the Freddie show in SunCity MacDonald Ranch in Henderson Nevada which is a local show for us. On April 27th we bring the Freddie show to Key West in Florida at the Glynn R. Archer’s Center for the Performing Arts.

Freddie at SunCity MacDonald Ranch – April 6th

As a Las Vegas band, we always love performing to a home audience and this will be no different. We bring Freddie: Songs of a Legend to SunCity MacDonald Ranch on April 6th, 2024. This is the first performance of the Freddie show in Nevada so the audience here will be treated to a wonderful show full of Freddie’s hits and a few other hits added for good measure. The show is designed to be not only a musical journey but also the show incorporates many other features to keep you hooked.

Freddie Songs of a Legend at SunCity MacDonald Ranch on April 6th 2024

Freddie at Key West – April 27th

We look forward to performing again in Florida where our group has had many great welcomes in the last 2 years. In October 2022 we performed at the Greynolds Park LoveIn at Greynolds Park, Miami which was a fantastic show in a great location. Then in January 2023, we performed at Cass Cay and the Hard Rock Café in Tampa, where the Freddie: Songs of a Legend Show had its first performances. In October 2023 the Celebrating Queen band performed at the Cotee River Bike Fest in New Port Richey. A few days later we returned to Cass Cay where the wonderful audience enjoyed another performance of our Freddie Show. We are looking forward to performing in Key West on 27th April 2024  so get your tickets online and we look forward to seeing you in Florida in April.

Freddie show at Key West on April 27th 2024

Links for tickets for these two great shows are available below.

April 6th – Las Vegas : Buy Tickets
Suncity Macdonald Ranch, 2020 W Horizon Ridge. Pkwy, Henderson Nv 89012

April 27th – Key West : Buy Tickets
Glynn R. Archer’s Center for the Performing Arts., Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, Key West, FL 33040

Amazing Musicians

The 3 musicians are experts in their respective instruments, from amazing vocals, and stunning backing vocals to sublime piano recreations of Queen hits.

Deep Cuts you will Enjoy

Whether you are a Queen fan or not, there are a number of Queen Deep Cuts which you will really enjoy.

Freddie: A Sell Out Performance at New Port Richey

Freddie: A Sell Out Performance at New Port Richey

On December 30th at the Richey Suncoast Theatre, New Port Richey, Florida, the Celebrating Queen 3-man show ‘Freddie: Songs of a Legend’ played to a packed house and a wonderful audience. JJ Midnight, Cj Midnight, and Shane McDonald entertained the audience with a number of Freddie Mercury and Queen hits in this wonderful 2-hour show presented by the “Everybody Sings Project“.

There were obviously several Queen fans in the house, sporting Queen merchandise, including T-shirts, caps, hoodies, and badges. We later gave away some of our merch, with some members of the audience winning Celebrating Queen T-shirts as they were randomly thrown to the audience.  The show started at 8 pm with “It’s a Beautiful Day” from the Made in Heaven album and then the set progressed chronologically for the first hour, from Doin’ Alright to Play the Game. The set then includes numbers like These Are the Days of Our Lives, Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow, and Let Me Live.

During the show, the audience also had a visual element, which included some historical facts about Freddie and Queen, starting from Freddie’s birth in 1946 all the way to the present day. This addition made this show the first full theatrical performance of the Freddie Mercury Show in Florida. This was very much appreciated by the audience.

Some of the songs which got the greatest audience reactions included, Love of My Life, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, and Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon. There were also some deep cuts for those not familiar with the Queen material, including You Take My Breath Away and Nevermore.

Audience Comments

Some of the comments from those attending the New Port Richey show can be found below;

Your personal commentary about the songs, along with the information displayed on the screen about the songs and of Freddie Mercury/Queen really added to the experience.

I hope you and your team never loose sight of how much joy you bring to the audience. 

Thanks for a stellar evening!

Glen, New Port Richey

The icing on the cake was meeting you.

I felt like an 80-year-old teenager.

Your group are great happy to have met you. Nancy

Nancy, New Port Richey

“GREAT SHOW….You have some pipes sir!

Your harmonies are on point, and as a former keyboard player myself, I love the guy from Ireland!

Lori, Florida


If you have any photos or videos of our New Port Richey performance of the Freddie Mercury Show in Florida please do share them and tag us on our social media channels below.

Celebrating Queen Email Newsletter – November 2023

Celebrating Queen Email Newsletter – November 2023

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In this newsletter, we have details of 2 “Freddie: Songs of a Legend” shows.

Welcome to the Celebrating Queen Newsletter

November 2023

Freddie Songs of a Legend
Live in New Port Richey, FL

On December 30th, Freddie: Songs of a Legend will visit New Port Richey and the Richey Suncoast Theatre for a very special show


Freddie: Songs of a Legend in Liberty Missouri

Celebrating Queen return to Liberty Missouri with The Freddie Mercury three-man show, Freddie: Songs of a Legend, a 90 minute show dedicated to the music of Freddie Mercury.

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Freddie: A Sell Out Performance at New Port Richey

Freddie Songs of a Legend coming to New Port Richey

The 3-man Freddie Mercury Tribute show, “Freddie: Songs of a Legend” comes to New Port Richey, Florida, and the Richey Suncoast Theatre on December 30th, 2023.

About the Freddie Show

Freddie: Songs of a Legend is a 3-man performance of the songs written by Freddie Mercury. The Freddie Set List will Take Your Breath Away, with all of Freddie’s Greatest Hits including Somebody to Love, Love of my Life, Bohemian Rhapsody, Love my Like There’s no Tomorrow, You Take my Breath Away, It’s a Beautiful Day and many more. Whether you are a Queen fan or not, there are a number of Queen Deep Cuts that you will really enjoy. The 3 musicians are experts in their respective instruments, from amazing vocals, and stunning backing vocals to sublime piano recreations of Queen hits.

The 30th December Show at the New Port Richey Suncoast Theatre

Freddie – Songs of a Legend comes to New Port Richey on December 30 with this show and we look forward to entertaining the people of New Port Richey and it’s surroundings. The Celebrating Queen band and the Freddie show have performed 5 times in the past 2 years here in Florida and most recently, we performed at the Cotee River Bike Fest in 2023.

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December 30th – New Port Richey Suncoast Theatre, Florida – 8pm

Freddie – Songs of a Legend is a new  show that highlights the story of the Lover of Life, Singer of Songs, one Freddie Mercury. We bring the audience on a chronological journey from the first Queen album to the Made in Heaven album and also some of Freddie’s Solo works. The show includes hits like Killer Queen, My Melancholy Blues, you Take My Breath Away, It’s a Hard Life, and The Show Must Go On.

Celebrating Queen to Headline the Cotee River Bike Fest

Celebrating Queen to Headline the Cotee River Bike Fest

On 14th October Celebrating Queen will be Headlining the Cotee River Bike Fest in New Port Richie, Florida.

Located only 45 minutes north of Tampa, New Port Richie is the location for the Cotee River Bike Fest which was founded in 2005. Now in its 18th year, this high-octane biker festival will be the perfect backdrop for Celebrating Queen. The Cotee Bike Festival has a lot to offer the biker/bike fan including tons of Pre-Owned Bikes, a large number of Live bands performing on Multiple Stages, a Large Bike Show, a large selection of Food and Beverage Vendors, and a lot more to enjoy including Celebrating Queen in the Headline Slot on Saturday 14th.

If you are looking for the best Queen tribute – come to New Port Richie on 14th October for Celebrating Queen Headlining at Cotee River

The Cotee River Bike Fest, New Port Richie, Florida

The Cotee Bike Festival was Founded in 2005 and takes place over three days in mid-October in the City of New Port Richey. All of the downtown streets of New Port Richey are blocked off to everything except motorcycles during the Cotee River Bike Fest. Many of the bikers are there to compete in over twenty classes of bike shows which are held on Saturday & Sunday.  There are 2 music stages & many bands will be performing over the weekend including ourselves – Celebrating Queen.

Freddie Show – Punta Gorda – 17th October

After we headline slot at the Cotee River Bike Fest, we then bring our unique 3-man show “Freddie: Songs of a Legend” to Punta Gorda, about 140 miles south of New Port Richie, and the venue this time is Cass Cay Punta Gorda. We performed the Freddie Tribute Show back in January 2023 and if you are in the Punta Gorda area and you want to hear some classic Freddie songs and a few Freddie / Queen deep cuts then come along to Cass Cay in Punta Gorda on 17th October for a great night. Within the Freddie show we bring the audience on a chronological journey from the first Queen album to the Made in Heaven album and also some of Freddie’s Solo works. The show includes hits like Killer Queen, My Melancholy Blues, you Take My Breath Away, It’s a Hard Life, and The Show Must Go On. 
The show will have a Theatrical showing in Liberty, MO on 6th January.


Don’t forget to subscribe to the Celebrating Queen Facebook. Instagram, Email Newsletter, and YouTube channels for more information on these and much more. If you are based in Florida and want to attend a Free Queen Concert, then come along to the Cotee River Bike Fest on 14th October.

Power Outage at Rockwell Theater but Our Show Still played on

Power Outage at Rockwell Theater but Our Show Still played on

The inaugural performance at the Rockwell Theatre in Bristol Connecticut was Celebrating Queen on 9th September 2023.  The show had it all, great sound, great lighting, a great audience, and a cracking setlist. 48 minutes into our set, just as our amazing guitarist Steve Burchell was banging out the solo for Tie Your Mother Down, a lightning strike came down and wiped out the power to the Rockwell Theatre. The Power Outage at Rockwell Theater also affected 14,000 homes in the local area.

At that time the emergency lights at the venue came on and the audience and the band were unsure as to what had happened. The news soon came through that the whole area was out. Undeterred, Celebrating Queen decided to keep going with an impromptu performance of Doing All Right from Queen’s first album. Thankfully we had a beautiful grand piano so we could do something to entertain the audience while we awaited a decision from the venue on what would happen from that point.

Following the first song, the band decided to perform Love of My Life from the album A Night at The Opera, which was also featured in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. The audience lapped it up and loved what the band was doing to keep spirits up. Following that, the epic, Bohemian Rhapsody was performed in Full The audience joined in a rapturous song, singing every note from the verse to the opera section and into the hard headbanging rock section of the song. The audience loved it. Thankfully before the show Celebrating Queen had given access to all the lyrics to the show so the audience had no excuses not to join in.

Unfortunately, due to the emergency power quickly diminishing the decision was made to evacuate the audience from the theatre just in case all power failed. It was a disappointing end to the first show at the Rockwell and Celebrating Queen’s first show in Bristol in many years. However, Celebrating Queen WILL be back in Bristol very soon for a well-overdue do-over of this show.

Video of the audience performing Bohemian Rhapsody have been doing the rounds but you can find a very nice version below.

Thank you to the audience of Bristol Connecticut and the Rockwell Theatre.

You can find some press coverage of the Power Outage at Rockwell Theater incident below.

Power Outage at RockWell Theatre but performance shined through