Celebrating Queen Live in Las Vegas
Silverton Casino, August 19th, 2023

Celebrating Queen is very excited to announce that they will be performing in Las Vegas on August 19th, live at the Silverton Casino. This will be a showcase performance, a Celebrating Queen Tribute show not to be missed. The show starts at 8 pm and will be 2 hours of Queen hits, back-to-back, a wall of sound, and a wall of vocals.

Celebrating Queen has performed across the world since 2007 and is the Foremost Tribute to the Music of Queen. The band recently performed at a 4th of July celebration in Jackson, Missouri, and have upcoming dates in Bristol, Connecticut.

The band is comprised of the finest international musicians and performers. The Celebrating Queen Band is, JJ Midnight on lead vocals, CJ Midnight on Voicestravarius, Darrell Craig Harris on Bass, Steve Burchell on Guitar, James Sloan on Percussion, and Shane McDonald on keyboards and as Musical Director for our shows.

You can get your tickets for Celebrating Queen in Las Vegas from the Silverton Casino website. Tickets start at $25 and we look forward to seeing you at this fantastic Las Vegas venue. More information can be discovered on the Silverton Casino website and you can purchase tickets online by clicking here or via the Buy Tickets button below.

Following this Celebrating Queen show in Las Vegas, the band will perform in Bristol Connecticut on 9th September.

If you are planning to attend our Queen tribute show in Las Vegas on August 19th, please leave a comment below and we look forward to entertaining you Live in Las Vegas on August 19th,

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About the Silverton Casino Las Vegas

The Silverton Casino Las Vegas will be the venue for Celebrating Queen’s performance on August 19th, 2023. It is a 300-room hotel and casino.  Some of the acts which have performed here include Hootie and the Blowfish, Soul Asylum, and Journey …. now you can add Celebrating Queen to this list.