We have had some exciting updates on our Social Media platforms in the last few weeks. We have been working on the Celebrating Queen Social Media Channels, adding Twitter and Instagram to the mix as well as updating our existing YouTube channel.


Celebrating Queen continue to roll out new content and in this past month we have seen an update to our YouTube Channel. We have rebranded the whole YouTube experience and although we still have a bit of work to do, we do hope you are enjoying the new look. We will be publishing more Queen videos in the coming months, so stay tuned.

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We also published a very exciting video, a cover of the famous Hungarian folk song, Tavaszi Szél. Queen performed this song at the Népstadion in Budapest on 27th July 1986. It was part of ‘The Magic Tour’, the band’s final tour with original lead singer Freddie Mercury. Before singing this song, Freddie said, “Tonight for the first time,, this is a very special song from Queen to you”.

This is Celebrating Queen’s tribute to that very special song, Tavaszi Szél.


Tavaszi Szél by Celebrating Queen


We have also dipped our toes into the wonderful world of Twitter, so if Twitter is your jam then please do follow Celebrating Queen via @CQueenTribute

We will have some great content on Twitter in the coming weeks and months and we look forward to chatting with you there. Don’t forget to say ‘Hi’!



Finally, if you prefer using Instagram, we now have an active Instagram Channel at @celebratingqueenusa and we are growing our presence there also. We always love to hear from great Queen fans and if you have seen us live in the past, please do stop by our Instagram channel and give us a like and drop us a comment.


We will continue to post relevant updates to the Celebrating Queen Social Media channels so we hope you can follow us there . We will have more news in the coming weeks … thanks for stopping by !

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