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Jeaux Archambeault
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5th September 2023

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Celebrating Queen: Live in Bristol – September 9th, 2023

Bristol, Connecticut, September 9th 2023 – Bristol native Jeaux Archambeault also known as “J.J. Midnight” is excited to return to his hometown of Bristol to bring the music of Queen to the Rockwell Theater Saturday, September 9th.

Archambeault’s Queen Tribute band, “Celebrating Queen”, will perform Saturday, September 9th at 8 p.m. in the theater of the BAIMS School at 70 Memorial Boulevard. The concert is part of the “Downtown Live” series of performances scheduled for this year.

Celebrating Queen Live at the Rockwell Theatre is right off the back of Celebrating Queen performing a showcase gig at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas in August.

The Queen show at the Rockwell Theatre on September 9th starts at 8 pm and will be a show full of Queen hits, back to back; A wall of vocals, and the very best musicians you could ask for. You can expect all the Queen hits from Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen, Somebody to Love and Don’t Stop Me Now to One Vision, Hammer to Fall, We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions, and many more. This will be a wonderful show for Queen fans and classic rock music lovers alike.

The Celebrating Queen setlist contains all the Queen hits you expect and love – It’s a Queen Tribute show not to be missed and it’s right with you in Bristol Connecticut.

Celebrating Queen has performed across the world since 2007 and is the Foremost Tribute to the Music of Queen. This is a homecoming Bristol natives Jeaux and Carl Archambeault as Celebrating Queen bring their show to their hometown. 

Recently, Jeaux has found a greater purpose for performing after he was knocked off his bicycle in Sarasota by an SUV, which led to him having a brain injury, the symptoms of which include deep depression, anxiety, and memory issues.

Jeaux has recently stated that “Singing releases an incredible amount of endorphins. It makes you feel good, it lifts depression, it helps with your memory. If I didn’t have singing, I don’t know what I would do”.

Jeaux and brother Carl also run the 501c3 Everybody Sings Project charity. With the project they have been able to go to different schools across the nation to promote the health benefits of singing. Jeaux put it as follows, “We may not be curing cancer, but we are doing some great things to help people improve their lives.” More information on the Everybody Sings Project can be found at

About Celebrating Queen

The Celebrating Queen band is comprised of Jeaux Archambeault aka JJ Midnight on lead vocals, his brother Carl Archambeault aka CJ Midnight on Voicestravarius, Darrell Craig Harris on Bass, Steve Burchell on Guitar, James Sloan on Percussion, and Shane McDonald on keyboards & as Musical Director for our shows.

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